Mucci Farms Offers Healthy Snack Alternatives Kids Want to Eat

19 Oct

Mucci-Farms-Veggies-2-GoMany parents are committed to cooking healthy meals for their children, but what happens on a busy day when the little ones are screaming for a snack? This is when parents, grandparents, nannies and other well-meaning caregivers often hand out treats that offer little to no nutritional benefits. In order to make healthy eating on the go easier for the entire family, Mucci Farms is now offering Veggies-to-Go Snack Packs.

In September 2014, Mucci Farms representatives attended various Ontario events hosted by Meet the Teacher. These events were held at elementary schools, and the company donated a variety of their new healthy snack packs to those schools. The goal was to encourage children to lead healthy lives by eating fresh foods that are wholesome as well as convenient.

Donating healthy foods to Ontario schools is nothing new to this company. They have an active program offering donations of their fresh produce to schools in Ontario, encouraging children to select healthier foods and parents to provide nutrient-rich foods for their children.

The Problem

Many children in Canada and throughout the western world have limited access to fresh foods that meet their nutritional needs. In some cases, parents are unable to access healthy foods for one reason or another. In other cases, the problem is lack of knowledge. Parents, grandparents, nannies and other caregivers simply don’t have time to educate themselves on what their children need to thrive, and that lack of knowledge leads them to reach for unhealthy snack options when life gets busy and stress runs high.

The best time to teach a child how to feed their body properly is while they are young. When they aren’t fed fresh fruits and vegetables at home, children are less likely to develop nourishing eating habits in the future.

The Fresh Snack Solution

Mucci Farms‘ Veggies-to-Go Snack Packs make it easy for caregivers to deliver nutritional snacks even on the busiest of days. When companies offering fresh veggie snacks donate to their local schools, they have a direct impact on the food choices children make every day. As children gain exposure to fresh vegetables at school, they are more likely to request healthy foods when they are at home. Hopefully, this makes a positive influence on caregivers in charge of providing snacks to those children.

These snack packs feature a variety of ready-to-eat vegetables freshly grown and packaged in Ontario. From sweet tomatoes to pointed peppers and mini cucumbers, these snack packs deliver an explosion of taste as well as a mix of vitamins and minerals kids need to thrive. The snack packs are donated locally, but Mucci Farms products are sold throughout North America.
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