Finding out the simplest and easiest Italian food recipes

22 May

If you are someone, who just cannot resist Italian food, then there are present several interesting recipes that can help you to prepare them easily at home and have it served to the family and guests. Just watch the surprise on their face and to relish every bit of it. No more have you to pay the restaurant huge bills, when the same taste and flavor can be had from your own kitchen.

Several Italian recipes that can be tried out

Chicken Marsala
It is considered to be the most popular of all Italian recipes and there is no denying this fact. It is prepared with fine wine. It is said to be based upon Marsala wine that is combined with sherry wine, is an elegant and exclusive recipe and is the right dish for official parties and sophisticated events. It is very easy to prepare and can become a huge hit among those who taste it. You can use boneless, skinless chicken breasts along with some oil. Also, it contains fresh herbs, like oregano. Chicken in this dish is served on steamed rice with steamed vegetables. This is a fabulous way for consuming low fat food.

Meatballs and Spaghetti
Meatballs and spaghetti are famous Italian recipes that are loved by many foodie lovers across the globe. The tip here is in using the very best available ingredients. Chopped tomatoes when used also can make a huge difference to the taste of the dish, by making it much more delicious and lip smacking. Moreover, to prepare meatballs, you can select veal or beef. Beef is more suitable, especially for the sauce that is used, since veal is said to go better with the delicate, mild sauces.

Shrimp Scampi
It is also an exciting Italian recipe that is enjoyed by the locals. It is wonderful when prepared with butter or garlic. You can have it served with some crusty bread for giving it an attractive quotient to the diners.

Beef Carpaccio
It is specified to be a restaurant styled charter, which appears quite smart, however, is really very simple. This dish comprises of raw beef in thin cuts and normally served as ‘antipasto’ or a starter. It does share an interesting history and was introduced in 1950 in Harry’s Bar, Venice. It gets its name from Vittorre Carpaccio, the well known Renaissance painter. There are some specific ingredients that go into this recipe to enrich its taste like arugula and lemon wedges.

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Tips to select the best Italian food recipes

12 Mar

Italian food recipes are said to have a certain segment of people across the globe craving for it. With each passing day, the number of Italian food lovers is only increasing. This is because of the growing awareness among people on the different types and variety of food that one can find on the web and YouTube that are easy to prepare at home. There is indeed a wide choice for the individuals to choose from, which would give them a change from the daily food that they have been consuming for long and it does sound refreshing. The dishes could range from light and flavorful to robust and hearty with plenty in between two extremes. Hence, with so many choices around, you are really pampered to choose the right ones that can win the hearts of those who taste it. Furthermore, you can also win praise from those, whom you have treated with delicious Italian food at your home.

Selecting the right recipe

It has been noticed that most people tend to make mistakes, while selecting a recipe. This is something commonly noticed among new cooks. Even the experienced cooks are known to fall into the trap in getting the selection wrong, which could simply spoil the entire mood. These can be termed to be simple mistakes, however, can often cause to flop the Italian recipe.

Guidelines to be followed for selecting the best recipes

Fortunately, there is an easy and simple system for choosing the very best Italian dishes. By taking some time for following the suggestions, you can have a better idea s to which one is to be selected that can be a perfect hit with the entire family. The more you plant to stick to the tips give, the much more consistent and better the results can be expected.

• Easily obtainable ingredients: This can appear to be something that is easily understood. But the fact is that there are plenty of cooks, both fresher and experienced who easily make the mistake and are not careful or plan properly. In their excitement for beginning the recipe, they forget to take into account the ingredients that would be required for preparing the recipe and realize it only when it is very late. This can be something of a mood spoiler, not only for the cook, but for those, who had been waiting to taste it!
• Investing in the appropriate cooking utensils and tools: This is an area, where the cooks tend to underestimate. Unwillingly, they plan to cook elaborate recipe, having more steps than usual and with wrong cooking tools! This not only is a waste of time, but also can ruin the entire recipe, with the final product being a complete disappointment.
• Can you describe the recipe?: Most cooks have the habit of overlooking the importance to understand the recipe terms. This is what makes them to make mistakes, which in turn creates bigger problems. Unfortunately, the results availed can be much different than what is expected, especially if the recipe says to mince and you cube it, or the recipe says to sauté and you boil it. The result can end up in the trash, rather than being consumed.

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Your search ends right here for Italian food recipes

22 Feb

It can be that you have a tight work schedule and have very less time for spending time in the kitchen. This means, you do not have the time that is necessary to churn out delicious food for the family. But do not be disappointed, since there are several Italian food recipes that do not need you to be in the kitchen for hours together. Such dishes are very simple to make and still taste nutritious and superb and appeal to the taste buds of everyone in the family. In just a snap, the regular meal can be turned into fine dining, due to the sophisticated taste that these dishes have to offer.

Easy Italian recipes for foodies

If you simply find Italian food to be tempting, then there are plenty of ideas present on the web that does help you to cook and prepare such dishes. Italian food is well known for its exciting aroma, usage of nutritious ingredients and rich taste. You can check out on the easy to make food recipes, which can be prepared for snacks, dinner, lunch and breakfast and this is sure to be liked by everyone!

Parigiana Risotto

It is a heavy dish that is termed to be just perfect for dinner or lunch. It features interesting combination of wine, rice, onion and cheese. The recipe is quite ideal for those individuals, who lead a busy work life and have very less time to dedicate to their family and the kitchen. This dish takes about half an hour for cooking. Hence, it can be rightly termed to be snappy and nutritious. You can consume the dish as it is or have it served along with fried or grilled meat.

Melenzane Fritte

This is a fried dish that is completed loaded with nutrients. The recipe features a wonderful combination of white rice, eggplants, eggs, cheese along with several seasonings. All you need to do is to blend well all the ingredients in the appropriate amounts and then have the mixture fried until it turns golden brown. Within 10 – 15 minutes, this dish can be relished by everyone as the perfect snack for teatime.

Vegetarian Pesto

Pesto is really delightful and can be relished on the bread or past with authentic Italian pesto recipe. You need include the correct amount of garlic, basil, pine nuts, pepper and olive oil, for creating the perfect pesto. Also, you are sure to love the healthful goodness and taste of the recipe, which can be prepared in just under 15 minutes. It would require you to have a food processor and to toast bread or cook pasta. You can definitely enjoy a wonderful snack, breakfast or brunch with the recipe.


If pork is what you enjoy eating, then this fabulous recipe should be tried out. It includes hard boiled eggs, pounded pork cutlets, raisins, breadcrumbs and several herbs like basil and oregano. All the ingredients are to be combined together and is to be used as filling for the pork cutlet. Once the mixture is spread to the pork cutlet, now roll, seal the pork prior to having it fried. You can then select from the favorite sauce or dip for adding in more taste to the delightful dish and relish it.
These are some of the simple Italian recipes, which you can try at home and spend very less time for it, without compromising on the taste. Moreover, these also would provide a satisfying and healthy dining experience that you and your family or guests are sure to love. Besides this, the time saved on the preparation can be spent with the family.

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